September 2018

How Will You Be Known?

I. False or True PROPHETS    7:15-16
   [ Preachers, Teachers, Church Leaders, ______)
  1.Teach false or true … CHRIST(JESUS)
   2.Teach false or true…  PEACE
    3.Teach false or true …

Choices for Today and Eternity

  1. Two GATES
  2. Two WAYS
  4. Two GROUPS

The Journey Through Joshua (Part 1)

I. God’s Mission…  Joshua 1:1-4
II. God’s Presence…  1:5
III. God’s Courage…  1:6-9  [note vs.8]
IV. Conviction…  2:8-10
V. Confession…  2:11
VI. Concern…  2;12-14
VII. Commitment … 2:15-21

The Rock of Prayer

I. Who is the “YOU” concerning this emphasis on prayer?
    Matthew 7:7
II. What are Jesus’ COMMANDS concerning prayer?
      Matt 7:7-11
III. How will we TREAT one another?
       Matt 7:12