July 2018

God’s Calendar

 I.RAPTURE of Christ’s Church   2:1-2
II.REMOVAL of His Church   2:3a
III.REVELATION of the Antichrist  2:3b-5
IV.RESTRAINT of the Holy Spirit   2:6-7
V. RETURN of Jesus Christ      2:8-12

It’s Time To Remember

I. Time to remember the meaning of the Lord’s Supper
    from …  HISTORY.       Exodus 12
II. … remember the meaning of the Lord’s Supper
     through …  REDEMPTION.   

Praise and Promise

I. Encouragement of Praise
     1.Growing Faith   vs 3
     2.Abounding Love vs 3
     3.Increasing Patience vs 4         [note> 1 Peter 4:12-16 ]
II. Encouragement of Promise
     1.promise of Reward  vs 5  [note>Matthew 5:10-12]
     2.promise of Recompense(repay)  vs 6-10
     3.promise of Prayer  vs 11-12 

Fasting : Are You Serious

I. Jesus and FASTING.    Matthew 6:16-18 / Isaiah 58
II. EXAMPLES that should bring us to Fast
      1. Marriage
      2. Family (specifically a Prodigal-wayward child)