January 2019

That’s The Gospel Truth

I. Dedicated to the GOSPEL  Romans 1:1
    1. Servant of Jesus Christ
    2. Called to be an apostle
    3. Separated to the Gospel of God
II. Dedicated to the SCRIPTURE and the Son    1:2-4
III. Dedicated to the MISSION of the Gospel    1:5-7

A New Beginning

I. Lord’s Supper teaches us a new beginning through true CONFESSION and REPENTANCE.
Matthew 26:20-25
II. Lord’s Supper teaches a new beginning as we offer THANKSGIVING FOR OUR SALVATION
Matthew 26:26-28

Just One More Desire

I. Covet- “mother” of the other 9 sins in the 10 commandments
   Ex 20:1-17
II. Covet- envious desire for what someone else has  1 Kings 21
III. Covet- excessive desire to want more & more   Luke 12:15-21
IV. Overcome the sin

What’s The Cost?

I. The cost of discipleship involves real
   SURRENDER   (deny self)  Mark 8:34/ Luke 9:23
II. The cost of being a faithful disciple of Jesus
    involves SUFFERING   ( take up his cross)
III. The cost of being Jesus’ disciple involves
     obedient SACRIFICE    ( follow Me)