October 2017

What is Believer’s Baptism?

I. Before baptism, a person must BELIEVE in Jesus.           John 1:12-13/ John 3:16 / Acts 2:38-41/ Acts 8:35-38/ Acts 16:30-33 II. Baptism can be pictured in the word: BURY (immersion).       Romans 6:3-4 III. Baptism is BINDING on the Christian.        Matthew 3:13-17 / Matthew 28:19-20 IV. Baptism leads […]

When The Storms Hit

Mark 4:35-41   I. When the storms hit, know your CAPTAIN is in the boat.    Mk. 4:36 II. Life has many CHANGES.    Mk. 4:37 III. Remember Jesus CARES for His own.    Mk. 4:38-39 IV. Jesus can bring CALM to our souls.    Mk. 4:39

What is Wondrous Here?

Matthew 26:26-30   I. The Wondrous CROSS II. A Wondrous FAITH III. Promise of a Wondrous RETURN


I. The PLEA of Jesus = Come II. The PERSON of salvation = Jesus III. The PERIMETER of salvation = All People IV. The PEOPLE of salvation = Labor & Heavy Laden V. The PROMISE of salvation = Rest