August 2017

The Word of God (Part 12 & 13)

Part 12. I. The Word of God is SETTLED.     Psalm 119:89   II. God is FAITHFUL (creation).    Psalm 119:90-91 III. God’s Word, our DELIGHT (comfort).    Psalm 119:92-94 IV. God’s Word – no LIMITS.    Psalm 119:95-96   Part 13. I. LOVE the Word & MEDITATE on it.    Psalm 119:97-100 II. OBEY […]

Who Will Be A Leader?

I. Leader for God learns to WAIT on the Lord.  Neh.  2:1-3 II. Leader … learns to PRAY to the Lord     Neh. 2:4 III. Leader … learns to EXPLAIN & PLAN concerning the needs        Neh. 2:5-8b IV. Leader… learns to DEPEND first on the Lord.    Neh. 2;8c (vs 12,18) V. Leader…learns […]

Steps To Growth In Christ

Salvation.    Romans 3:10 / 3:23 / 6:23 / 5:8 / 10:9-13 Assurance of Salvation Baptism Witness Bible Prayer Church Membership Jesus as Lord

Who’s God Looking For?

 I. God’s looking for leaders with BROKEN HEARTS.     Nehemiah 1: 1-4a    II.God’s looking for leaders who are BELIEVING PRAY-ERS or BELIEVE PRAYER     1: 4b-11       A.Call upon the Lord with PRAISE   1:4b-5       B. Believe in prayer of CONFESSION   1:6-7       C. Prayer  has THANKSGIVING       1:8-10 […]